Oooh  Mrs. Carol Manson! You have created something wonderful. Thank you for gifting us with your beautiful, soulful and healing voice. Keep singing!”  Hazel Smith, Sacramento

“Love your singing Carol! Follow your heart. Shine your light. Lift the world. It’s your turn and the Universe is rooting for you. Me too.”   Marti Meyer, CSL Davis, CA

“Dearest Carol,
What an inspiration you are to me and many, many others. You are extremely talented and I share your enthusiasm, your tenacity, your focus, your drive and your determination to share your music with the world. You make all of us at CUC very proud.”  Marilyn White, Sacramento

"Beautiful voice, beautiful music.....truly touches my heart and soul. Thank you."  Sharon Andersen, Las Vegas, NV

"Carol Manson sings from an authentic and deeply sacred place that showers you with the grace of God with style, passion and trust in God's grace that continues to pour through her."  Rev. Denese Schellink, Santa Barbara, CA 

“Now the Sacramento Music Festival's got zydeco, bebop, funk and Latin jazz, which is what it should be. Sacramento does have a wealth of fine female jazz vocalists such as Carol Manson, to name just a few more.” – from JazzRUs by Betz Storey (Dec. 2014)






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Take The A Train (with Chet Chwalik, keys)